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MarTech Cube recognized the need to address the technology challenges specific to a CMO and the marketing department. This need became the crux of MTC’s mission statement; to be the single source destination for marketers in the digital age; dedicated solely to Marketing Technology arena and the people who buy, influence and consume MarTech around the globe.

MarTech Cube is a leading source of marketing technology advice and information, trusted for its quality content and expert guidance amongst all verticals. We help our audience understand and embrace the multitude of technology disruptions facing marketers in the digital age.

We also feature guest blogs and interviews of Influential marketing leaders to provide greater insights of the rapidly evolving MarTech landscape.
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  • Sprinklr appoints Amitabh Misra as Chief Technology Officer
  • Contentstack appoints Gurdeep Dhillon as Chief Marketing Officer
  • International Data Group names Andrew Hamel Chief Technology Officer
  • MarTech Interview with Ed Breault, Chief Marketing Officer at Aprimo
  • Tilly’s, Inc. Appoints Jon Kosoff as Chief Digital Officer


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